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"A heady mix of love, drugs and Islam"

The Chosen Haram is a unique take on circus, performed on two Chinese Poles, it's emotionally candid and heart-warming with moments of humour and set to a banging soundtrack.

It is the story of two gay men, their chance meeting through a dating app, the highs and lows of their relationship and the barriers - social, cultural and personal - they must overcome.

Running Time: 60 mins



"Astonishing fusion of circus and storytellin"

The Guardian 



The Scotsman

"Brave, thrilling and poignant"


The Stage

"A beautiful story, beautifully told. Mesmerizing"

Unforgettable Performance (Lustrum Award)

Edinburgh Fringe 2022 

Innovate Award

Scottish Emerging Theatre Awards 2021

The Chosen Haram: Bio
The Chosen Haram: Bio



STUNTMAN is a performance for anyone who has ever enjoyed a violent action movie (but felt a bit weird about it). It is an intensely physical, funny, and tender duet by two men who wrestle with their relationship to violence – both onscreen and off.

Devised work by David Banks And Sadiq Ali, Directed by Peter Lannon

Running Time: 65mins 


The List
"This is the kind of theatre we need"


The Recs
"a thoroughly exhilarating 60 minutes that certainly pulls no punches"



The Stage

"Two-handed meditation on male violence that shifts from silly to serious"

The Chosen Haram: Bio

Tell Me (WiP)

Beautifully exploring a narrative around HIV and overcoming stigma

A contemporary circus and movement work that uses a tower like structure and acrobatics to beautifully explore a narrative around HIV and overcoming stigma. Tell Me will look at the power of group dynamics and community in bringing people together and breaking down barriers to intimacy, touch and human connection

Without Walls BluePrint RnD

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